Working in the audio-visual and events industry we get the opportunity to see a lot of keynote and guest speakers, presentations and seminars. From recognizable celebrities like Rick Mercer and David Chilton to corporate CEO’s, politicians, or motivational speakers we’ve seen a wide range of the great, average and not so good speakers and presenters. Some presenters work with slides and videos while other simply go on stage and present with just their voice and body language. We have been asked several times about speakers that have stood out at events so I decided to introduce a new feature on our blog which will spotlight some of the great speakers that we have seen.

The first Keynote Speaker Spotlight is Steve Cunningham from We met Steve at the Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference which was held at the Chestnut Conference Centre in November, 2016. His presentation was Social Entrepreneurship 2.0, Profit More By Doing Good. Prior to his talk starting I was already looking forward to what is was presenting and how he would present. First from a technical and creative standpoint his slides were very well created and he had about 170 slides that he would go through in what I believe was 30 minutes or so. Majority of the slides were quick visual references and enhancements to what he would be talking about. This is by far the best way to incorporate slides into a presentation. When there are too many words and clutter on the screen it can take attention away from the presenter and be hard for the audience to see what is on the screen. The first interactive activity Steve did got everyone’s attention right away, was entertaining, funny but real… I’ll leave the details for when you have the opportunity to see his presentation in person.

Steve has a really interesting story as well which is always an important feature to any presentation, sharing a story is much more interesting than just talking about boring facts and information. He went to law school, became a lawyer (for one week), quit and joined the family business. When he joined the family business he had no business experience so he started reading books about business to learn. The next step in his career is what I found to be a brilliant idea. Steve took a problem that he found many entrepreneurs had (limited time), combined that with his passion to read books and developed a unique product that delivered 10 – 12 minute audio, video and text book summaries for entrepreneurs and professionals every day! I’ve been using this service since this event and I love it, it’s by far one of the most unique and valuable services you can get as a busy entrepreneur that wants to keep learning and developing themselves.

If you are looking for a really great speaker who know how to capture your audience, share some great information, offers an amazing service you should definitely check out and consider Steve Cunningham!


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