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Musicians We’ve Lost in 2017

In 2017 we’ve lost a whole bunch of great musicians and actors.┬áHere are the top 6 that I feel had a great influence on Rock’n’Roll and Pop music. 6) Chris Cornell – He was most known as the lead sings of the 90’s alt rock / grunge band...

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Keynote Speaker Spotlight: Ice-T

Working in the corporate AV business we get to see a lot of keynote speakers at conferences, conventions and meetings. Sometimes the speakers are specialists in a very specific field, sometimes they are an extremely successful business person, sometimes they are...

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Hamilton Private Estate Event Venue

Scotia Events is excited to partner with a private estate event venue just outside of Hamilton, ON. The estate is located on 13 acres just outside of the Hamilton boundaries. Weddings and Private Parties with up to 150 guests can be hosted in an outdoor tent setting...

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